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Valken G2 Master

Valken G2 Master 2000w Electric Offroad Scooter

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The Valken Electric Off Road Scooter is the most capable electric scooter on the market. Powerfully commute to work or just cruise with your friends at the park, this scooter can do it all. Full suspension allows for confidence over uneven terrain and then effortlessly folds to fit into the back of your car. This gives riders the ease of a commute without traffic or finding parking spots, and the freedom to roam wherever the road might take you! This is one of our most popular scooters for good reason! The Valken sits at the top of class category with amazing power capabilities and long battery life for the great value it is.

The Valken G2 Master 2000W Dual Motor

  • Top speed 34 mph
  • 37 mile range
  • Dual 1000W motors (2000W total motor capacity) 
  • 52V 18AH battery 
  • 330 load capacity
  • 9-10h charge time 
  • Front LED light, Rear brake light, signal lights, under glow lights.
  • dual disk brakes
  • Anti-theft alert and keys 
  • 10 Inch Air Tire 

Warranty Information 

Battery: 12 month warranty

Motor: 12 month warranty 

Controller: 12 month warranty 

Charger: 3 month warranty 

Accelerator: 3 months warranty

Frame: 6 month warranty  

Ware and tear is not refundable. 

 Product Information 

  • Charging time takes about 6-8 hours
  • rated for 550lbs carrying capacity 
  • 35 degree angle climbing capacity
  • Suspension system features striking suspension arms with hydraulic dampeners and spring shock absorbers for maximum ride comfort. 
  • front and rear disk brakes
  • 10 inch run flat tires with 4mm thick side walls
  • dual heads up display with speed indicator, cruise control and battery life indicator.
  • portable folding option with folding handle and fixed hook for stability while transporting 
  • forged aluminum frame to support weight of the rider and any impacts sustained while riding.
  • waterproof for all kinds of weather riding
  • warning lights on rear and sides for optimal visibility. LED light strip for under glow effect as well as bright dual headlights
  • This model ranges vary from 34-50 miles. Riding style and terrain conditions may effect your range.  
Weight & Dimensions

load capacity:                                                            550lbs

fold size                                                                        

Height:                                                                       20.62in

Length:                                                                       51.18in
unfolded size

Height:                                                                     49.76in

Width:                                                                      24.29in
Length:                                                                     51.18in

Ride Height:                                                              5.70in
Wheel Size:                                                                   10in
Vehicle Weight:                                                          75lbs
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Weight & Dimensions

Load Capacity:                         330lbs

fold size

Height:                                      20.62"

Length:                                     51.18"

unfolded size

Height:                                      49.76"

Width:                                       24.29"

Length:                                     51.18"

Ride Height:                               5.70"

Wheel Size:                                  10"

Vehicle Weight:                       105lbs

Warranty Information 

Motor, Frame, handlebar controls, wheels, brakes and brake lines, front fork, and control lines are covered by a 12 month warranty

Battery, charger, brake handle, and throttle are covered by a 6 month warranty  

Appearance and wearing parts: headlight, meter cover, handle cover, tires, bell, fenders, taillights, foot support components, battery hatch cover, foot pads, charging seat, and rubber plug are covered by a 30 day warranty. 


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